Civir, Ukraine and the Pickup Solidarity Association

Since last February, the terrible news coming from the war in Ukraine has meant that many Spaniards have not hesitated to get down to work once again and be present helping the Ukrainian people in the multiple survival tasks they have to do. in front of.

This is the case of many Civir colleagues who, putting themselves in the situation of all those people who are losing everything due to the invasion, have proposed to collaborate in some way and contribute their grain of sand to help these victims of horror.

After several internal proposals and a meeting with colleagues from the Corporate Social Responsibility area, it has been decided to work together with the Pickup Solidaridad Association ( which for some years has dedicated its activity to helping people at risk of exclusion social and the most vulnerable groups in society in order to improve their living conditions, ensuring them basic necessities (food, cleaning products and personal hygiene).

Their assistance work during the Covid 19 pandemic has prompted them to carry out important social actions, as is now the case in Ukraine with the sending of trucks loaded with humanitarian aid that arrive at the border with Poland to be distributed among the Ukrainian civilian population. lives in extreme situation.

The collaboration with PickUp during this time has had two paths:

The first is the possibility of personally delivering non-perishable food and belongings such as clothing, blankets and medical supplies that are deposited directly at the association’s headquarters located in Madrid.

The second is to have the option of sharing some time during the weekend to help at the food collection points that are placed in the different supermarkets and stores in the capital or to help organize and categorize the products that arrive at the warehouse and which will later pick up the convoy of trucks.

This is undoubtedly a very special occasion to offer a part of our leisure time and dedicate it to a good cause, in addition to doing teamwork and getting to know each other outside of the daily work environment.