Datadog launches its new product Observability Pipelines

Many organizations manage applications supporting a large number of services in multiple environments, from the cloud to their own data centers around the world.

As these organizations scale and accelerate service adoption, the volume of telemetry data in their environments multiplies each year.

Consequently, teams are tasked with managing and routing large volumes of metrics, traces, and logs from a wide variety of sources to their appropriate but often isolated destinations, such as log management tools, files, or SIEM solutions.

This complexity not only risks exposure of sensitive data, but also leads to vendor lock-in, poor data quality, and an increase in overall management costs.

Datadog Observability Pipelines addresses these issues by giving you more flexibility and control over your data.

The pipelines are based on an open source project that enterprises already rely on to manage petabytes of telemetry data each month. Now you can leverage the same highly scalable platform to collect, transform, and route data in your own environment, regardless of its volume, source, or destination.