We keep growing in Mexico

The year 2022 has been a period of growth for CIVIR in the Latin American market, thanks to the outsourcing of all technological services from our business partner, Grupo Expansión.

Grupo Expansión is a group of companies that currently publishes important publishing brands such as Expansión, Life & Style, Elle and QUI magazines, being opinion leaders in the different areas in which their publications are consumed. In addition, it has companies dedicated to the marketing of outdoor advertising (known as Out Of Home), and has recently integrated businesses related to the film industry and mobility.

CIVIR has become an important commercial partner of Grupo Expansión

Under this context, CIVIR has become an important commercial partner of Grupo Expansión, since in recent months it decided to outsource all its technological services, previously managed by itself, to be managed entirely by CIVIR.

In addition to the economic and market implications that this implies, it has promoted the formation of new technical teams, thus extending coverage in analysis, development and implementation services of software solutions, as well as consulting, implementation and integration of existing solutions, such as SAP, Salesforce and Odoo, among others.

One of the areas that have had the greatest development and whose activity stands out for involving a wide variety of activities, is the development of websites, where there is a UX/UI design team whose contribution has allowed the delivery of higher quality products. and with an important visual impact.

In this way, CIVIR has had the opportunity to participate in large-scale projects, in its capacity as the technological arm of Grupo Expansión, such as the renewal and expansion of the public bicycle system in Mexico City, called Ecobici ( https://ecobici.cdmx.gob.mx), where CIVIR has taken an important part in decision making and the implementation and validation of technological components of the system.