Somos referente tecnológico para nuestros clientes
y el impulso que necesitas para crecer en el ámbito profesional

We are a technological benchmark for our clients and the boost you need to grow in the professional world.

We strive to be an innovative, responsible company focused on generating value for our clients and employees.

For this purpose, we have technical resources specialized in Information Technologies as well as technological partners and the highest level of professional services that allow our clients to evolve in their technology and achieve their goals.


Offer our clients IT services of the highest quality, through innovation, commitment and technical excellence

We focus on generating value in our clients and help them to achieve their goals, through a customer-centric approach and a focus on our employees, who are the key to the company's success.


To be the IT Company more innovative, successful and reliable in Spain and Mexico, offering cutting - edge technological solutions

We strive to be a reference in the market for our ability to offer creative and efficient solutions to our clients, generating a positive impact on society and our employees, who are the fundamental pillar of our company.


To combine both human values and excellence in our professional performance.

We strive to be leaders in innovation and technical excellence in every one of our business areas. We seek to offer high quality solutions that allow our clients to achieve their business objectives efficiently and effectively, and our employees to develop their potential and grow professionally.

We understand our clients and employees needs and we strive to surpass their expectations in every project. We are committed to offer personalized high quality services, based on technical excellence and a client and employee-centric approach.

We act with honesty, transparency and ethics in all our relationships, being faithful to our values and principles. We are committed to respect the rights and dignity of our workers, and to maintain high quality standards in each of our services.

We are in constant search for new ideas and creative solutions to approach the most complex technological challenges. We strive to keep up to date with the latest trends and technological advances, and apply them to our solutions to always offer the best to our clients and our employees.

We promote collaboration and mutual respect, and foster an inclusive and diverse work environment where every team member can contribute to the company’s success. We believe that teamwork is a fundamental part when it comes to achieving our goals and that every member, including our employees, is an essential part for the success of the company.

As a company we believe what makes us different is the way we treat people. We strive to be close and empathetic to our clients and employees and for providing a human and personalized treatment in all our relationships. We understand that our employees are the cornerstone of the company and that their well-being and development are key to the company’s success. We are committed to creating an inclusive work environment, where all employees feel valued and motivated to contribute to the company’s success.

Social Responsibility

We understand it as a process of continuous improvement that pursues the objectives of reconciling social and economic equity.

It is part of Civir’s Policy, being one of the key aspects for the company and its alignment with the objectives of sustainable development, equal opportunity for all and integration of groups.

We also work in partnership with Pickup Solidarity as well as other associations and organizations.

Security Policy

We are a company specialized in the world of Information Systems and of course we are aware of the importance of the information handled in your processes.

CIVIR has developed and implemented an Information Security Policy, based on the requirements of the international norms and standards UNE-ISO/IEC 27001.

Civir’s Management has established the necessary mechanisms to ensure the integrity, availability and confidentiality of our information and a methodology of constant evaluation of the risks of our assets related to the treatment of information, as well as the planning of actions aimed at their control and reduction.

An important aspect is the awareness that Civir’s management has of the importance of complying with the different requirements that apply to us in relation to information security, both legal and those defined by our customers and other interested parties.

We periodically define objectives related to information security, aligned with this Security Policy, and taking as a reference the risk analysis carried out.

The development of this Security Policy would not be possible without the awareness and commitment of our collaborators and employees, who participate daily in the provision of our Managed Services and Technical Assistance, which is why the General Management encourages its assumption and application in our activities.

Oscar García Aranda

CEO Civir

Business Conduct/ Moral Code

Our way of working, acting with independence, moral integrity and respect for people in the development of their daily activities entails the following requirements

Loyalty and good faith

Adjust at all times their actions to the principles of loyalty and good faith towards the Company, hierarchical superiors, peers and collaborators, as well as with respect to third parties with whom they have professional relations.

Conflict of Interests

To act giving priority to the interests of the Company over personal interests or those of third parties that could influence their decisions, actions, services or advice provided on behalf of CIVIR.

Data Integrity

The information handled under its scope of responsibility must be treated and reflected in a complete, accurate and truthful manner.

Insider Trading/Privileged Information

The use or disclosure of privileged information obtained by reason of their functions shall not be made for their own benefit or for the benefit of third parties.