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Sales, Installation and Maintenance

More than 15 years dedicated to providing end-to-end technology solutions for companies in the supply of IT hardware and in the tracking and management of obsolete products.

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The end-to-end solutions we offer in the supply, maintenance and installation of the widest range of industrial hardware equipment, give numerous advantages when counting on us:

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Mantenimiento / Refurbish

Mantenimiento de equipos obsoletos, base instalada, refurbish, suministro de EOL, gestión del ciclo de vida de los equipos.

Instalaciones Técnicas

Instalación de equipos, componentes, migraciones, ampliaciones, implementaciones, renovaciones.

Soporte / Mantenimiento

Contratos de soporte y asistencia técnica, actualizaciones de software, Parches/updates, gestión de incidencias.

Ingeniería Diseño

Diseño a medido de soluciones de Hardware para ingeniería, integración de tecnologías y fabricantes, tratamientos específico del hardware, testeo y banco de pruebas.

Asset Management

Gestión de activos, recompra de base instalada, retirada de equipamiento.


Alquiler de servidores para migraciones, alquiler de puestos de trabajo, portátiles, almacenamiento.

CPD Traslado / Auditorías

Remodelación de Data Center y CPDs Modulares, Planes de Continuidad de Negocio, Eficiencia energética P.U.E., Traslado de CPD, refrigeración, cableado estructurado.

Migración Cloud

Servicios de migración a la nube, integración de hardware con cloud, seguridad.

Refurbish maintenance

Obsolete equipment maintenance, installed base, refurbish, EOL supply, equipment life cycle management.

Technical Installations

Installation of equipment, components, migrations, expansions, implementations, renovations.

Maintenance and support

Support and technical assistance contracts, software updates, patches/updates, incident management.

Engineering and Design

Customized design of hardware solutions for engineering, integration of technologies and manufacturers, specific hardware treatments, testing and test bench.

Asset Management

Asset management, installed base buyback, equipment retirement.


Rental of servers for migrations, rental of workstations, laptops, storage.

CPD Relocations and Audits

Remodeling of Data Centers and Modular Data Centers, Business Continuity Plans, Energy Efficiency P.U.E., Data Center relocation, cooling, structured cabling.

Cloud Migration

Cloud migration services, hardware integration with cloud, security.


Specialized servers, workstations, specific equipment for hostile environments.


Industrial equipment, monitoring and control, multi-connectivity, remote management, media conversion.


Storage for Industry 4.0. Specific equipment for hostile environments. DAS, NAS, SAN and combination between them.

IoT Components

IoT gateways, Box Pc and industrial gateways for home, industry or enterprise connectivity.

Image and Mobility

Ruggedized monitors and displays, embedded displays, digital signage, tablets, etc…

Why trust Civir Tech?


We provide a 90-day to 1-year return-to-defect warranty on hardware and add the establishment of extended warranty contracts.


We optimize costs and delivery times of products, support the technology of the installed base of customers, which enables better offers with immediate delivery times, always maintaining the warranty.


We cover all our customers' needs in terms of after-sales services: maintenance services, life cycle management, warranty extensions, replacement of parts/equipment, support and maintenance.


We have more than 20 years of experience in the IT distribution sector. We have professionals with a great track record for each product and service.

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